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Decoded: Campus Terms
ACA—Adventist Colleges Abroad; travel abroad program where you can spend a semester or a year in an Adventist college in another country
Accent—Southern Accent; student-produced weekly newspaper
Afterglow—Informal get-togethers after Vespers for singing and praising
Big Frank—Vegetarian hot dog (Adventist term)
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Convocation Credit
“Convo” is short for convocation, a weekly assembly event open to all Southern students. Guest speakers from around the world and the campus come talk about a huge variety of topics. Convo happens every Thursday from 11 a.m. - 12:50 p.m. However, students use the word “convo” to talk about other events that give convo credit, like Vespers, club events, and concerts.
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campus safety

Security on Campus
At Southern, we are committed to keeping our students, employees, and visitors safe. Our Campus Safety team has developed strategies for emergencies ranging from an active shooter incident to a tornado.
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Five Ways to Enjoy Break When You're Stuck on Campus
It’s break, and you’re stuck on campus. Maybe home is too far away and plane tickets are too pricey. Whatever the reason, here are five tips for actually enjoying your on-campus vacation.
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Six Ways to Make your Meal Plan Last
You may have heard that running out of meal plan money is part of the college struggle. Here are some tips for making your meal plan last past midterm.
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Dating in College
Vanessa and Jamil are seniors at Southern and newlyweds! Here’s what they have to say about dating in college and their own relationship.
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Friends in College
No, we’re not talking about "Friends" the TV show. We are talking about you and how you make friends in college. “C’mon,” you think. “I know how to make friends.” Not denying that. Of course, you have your squad in your high school or your hometown, but college is a different ball game because there are more people from all sorts of backgrounds. 
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dorm life

The Dorming Life
Unless your immediate family lives in the college town area, chances are you will be spending at least your first year of college in a residence hall… a.k.a. the dorm. This move from home to dorm often give college students mixed feelings. While you know you will miss being surrounded by your family, you are still ecstatic for the independence and adventure.
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dorm room

Dorm Room Decor
At first, dorm rooms don’t seem very homey. Personally, I need a comfy space that I can come relax in, so when I came to Southern, my mom and I set out to make my room the perfect home-away-from-home. Since then, I have learned a few things about making a dorm room cozy: 
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Southern's New Neighbors
It Is Written (IIW), an international Seventh-day Adventist media ministry, opens a new chapter of its life—becoming neighbors with Southern Adventist University. A two-part groundbreaking ceremony commemorated this start on July 10. Over 300 guests arrived at the Collegedale Korean Church's fellowship hall before being shuttled by bus a few minutes away to the land site for the shovel turning.
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