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Freshmen 15
Psst! Hey you. Have you heard about the..... FRESHMAN FIFTEEN. Da, da, dum.
The dreaded “Freshman 15” is the expression given to the general belief that majority of students new to the college scene gain at least 15 pounds their first year. This is a relatively...

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Planning Your Workout on Campus
Working out is a great way to stay in shape! But every person has their own kind of workout they like to do, which includes time of day, place, and style. So here is a guide to finding what times are best for you depending on what kind of workout junkie you consider yourself! 

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Outdoor Adventure
If you love outdoor adventure, Southern is the place for you. Outdoor sports and recreation are so popular on our campus that we have a club dedicated to planning outings and events: the Southern Outdoor Adventure Program (SOAP).