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If you are a high school senior or returning college student, you’ve probably noticed that all the ads and emails you’ve been getting lately pointing towards FAFSA. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a form provided by the United States government for college students. As the name suggests, this application is free, and if you are eligible, you get grants or loans to help you attend the college of your dreams.

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Save Money, Be Car Smart
So, you’ve just arrived for your first year of college. You quickly learn that there is a lot to worry about now. Tests, papers, your financial status, and your car. “Wait, I have to worry about my car too?” Yes, you do! Flat tires, dead batteries, broken belts, oil changes, and much more can cause you major headaches and throw you deeper into financial trouble. So how do you avoid this? Well, the solution is to be Car...

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How to Dine Fine on a College Dime
I mean dine finnnnee. Dine fine now. Dine fine when you’re thirty-two, fifty-nine, or broke in college! But let’s get real—healthy food is expensive! Try out these tips for budget buying and see how much you can save and still prepare healthy, college-friendly meals.

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Avoiding the "Broke College Student" Status 
If there is a universal saying a large body of people identifies with, it’s “broke college student.” According to the Federal Reserve and Forbes, 44 million Americans are in an estimated $1.4 trillion total...