Preparing for College

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Five Tips for Choosing a College
"Clueless" star and Atlanta-native actress Brittany Murphy once said, “Life presents you with so many decisions. A lot of times, they’re right in front of your face, and they’re really difficult, but we must make them.” Truer words have never been said. And choosing your college is one such decision.
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Random College Advice
"Try to make a Google Doc with friends or classmates in class to put notes for studying." –Hannah, senior animation major
"Although we may get pressured to finalize a major, don’t be afraid to change it and do what you love!" –Autumn, sophomore public relations and graphic design major. 
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Skip the Stress: How to Register for First-Semester Classes
Freshman registration opens in less than two weeks! But don’t panic. Southern’s First Year Advising has got you covered. Here is a quick list of what First Year Advising can help you do:
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woman with flagAdvice for International Students from International Students 
Southern Adventist University welcomes students from around the world to #BeAPart of our university family. As of this moment, Southern hosts over a hundred international students on campus from over 30 countries, including Egypt, Bermuda, and Indonesia! This diversity is what makes our university so unique.
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woman sittingSaying No in College 
6 a.m. strikes and your alarm blares. Groan. You drag yourself out of bed and begin your day. Your sleepy mind begins to turn. Work, class, work out, go to the library… Oh, and find time to eat at some point. Flash forward to 2 a.m. when you finally fall back into bed, dreading that 6 a.m. alarm. You didn’t even finish everything you needed to do.
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Strategy for Graduating College in Four Years or Less 
Before you read the whole article, I just want to put a disclaimer that I wrote this blog as my own personal testimony, sharing the tricks I used to accomplish my goals. People have different stories and issues they deal with in life. I cannot claim that what I did to graduate college in three and a half years will help everyone. However, if it helps even one person with his or her college strategy, I will have done my part. 
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womanJob Shadow a Pro 
With so many jobs out there, how does anyone really know what they will like? One great way is to job shadow. Spending a day on the job helps you know what to expect, and meeting someone who has your dream job is an amazing way to build connections. Here are some tips from Monster Jobs on how to shadow with success. 
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students in classTop Five Classes to Take for SmartStart 
Any new student that is coming to Southern (whether you’re an incoming freshman or transfer student) can sign up for one free three-credit hour course during the third summer session on campus. You have to pay for your books, room, and food, but the class is FREE. Usually, three credit hours would cost you about $1,900, so it’s definitely something you should take advantage of.
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